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  • RCC Fertilizers XB1 5 KGS

    Useful for all kinds of Garden Plants,Green House, floriculture, horticultural crops like fruit crops & vegetable crops resulting in lush green lawn

    Enhances flowering, greener glossy leaves and improves shelf life of flowers

    Remains fresh for longer hours and prevents soil from becoming hard and improves water retention capacity of soil and keeps plants free from pest infestation and diseases.

    270.00 Excluding Taxes

    RCC Fertilizers XB1 5 KGS

    270.00 Excluding Taxes
  • Farm Fert 31NPK 5 KGS

    N-P-K refers to the ratio of important elements in a fertilizer or soil amendment. N stands for nitrogen, which is responsible for strong stem and foliage growth. P is for phosphorus, which aids in healthy root growth and flower and seed production. K stands for potassium, which is responsible for improving overall health and disease resistance

    295.00 Excluding Taxes

    Farm Fert 31NPK 5 KGS

    295.00 Excluding Taxes